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Plœmeur. The start-up WAINVAM-E inaugurates its new premises

The founders of the start-up WAINVAM-E took advantage of the inauguration on Friday to present their activity. Here Ronan Loas, mayor of Plœmeur and vice-president of the departmental council. | OUEST-France.

WAINVAM-E, a start-up specialized in the development of nanoscale tools coupled with mathematical modeling and algorithms, inaugurated its new premises on Friday at the Soye technology park in Plœmeur (Morbihan). A meeting that allowed visitors to exchange with the four founders of this new company.

Claude Barraud, former president of Thalos, a Morbihan-based company specialized in satellite telecommunications for the navy, Remi Geiger, a doctor of atomic physics and an expert in quantum sensors and metrology, Ali Mohammad-Djafari, a doctor of physics and applied mathematics and a former researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), and Jianguo Zhang, a doctor of electrochemistry and former senior vice president for patents and licenses at Thomson/Technicolor, founded the new company.

Bridges between research and industry

WAINVAM-E aims to build bridges between the research in various specialized scientific disciplines and the industry to imagine and implement innovative industrial applications.

“Several centuries ago, we tried to see further” explains Ali Mohammad-Djafari. Man then created the telescope. Then we turned to the infinitely small with the microscope. What we want to develop are tools to see from the outside, the inside like that of cells. The idea is to create a virtuous circle between the worlds of research and industry. For a researcher, seeing concrete applications of his work is motivating.” adds Jianguo Zhang. “It can also help give new directions to their work.”

The company currently has seven employees, and will soon have 12.

It will work in partnership with many European laboratories, as well as with higher education institutions, notably UBS.