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Wide Field NV Imager

WAINIM-WF is a microscope that can quantitatively map the magnetic field produced by a millimeter sample with micrometer optical resolution. This makes it ideal for the study of micro-magnetic samples in fields such as geology or spintronics, as well as for imaging electric currents by reversing the Ørsted field.

the Wide Field NV Imager

The WAINIM-WF consists of a diamond with a layer enriched with NV centers.

This layer is illuminated by a green laser, and emits photoluminescence that is collected on a camera.

By scanning the frequency of a microwave and analysing the photoluminescence of each camera pixel, optical magnetic resonance detection can be performed.

The vector magnetic field at the NV centre layer can be traced.

Analysis of the field maps, using appropriate inversion models, allows the sources of the magnetic field to be traced back to any current or magnetisation.




vectorial and direct measurement of a magnetic field map

Optical resolution

on samples of several millimetres

Our inversion models

Possibility to directly trace current or magnetisation distributions via our inversion models

Wide field imager

Magnetic field dynamics

0 to 10 mT


10 uT / √Hz

Maximum image size

3 × 3 mm

Dimensions of the instrument

700 × 700 × 700 mm

Voltage / frequency (network)

230V / 50Hz

Power consumption

< 20 W

Nominal operating temperature

20°C +/- 5°C

Max. storage temperature

From -20°C to 55°C, humidity <65%

This equipment is intended
for the following
application fields

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