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High Field NV Magnetometer

WAINMAG-ST is an ultra-stable magnetometer for stabilising strong magnetic fields. Its very low drift and small size make it easy to integrate for use in magnetic field control in a variety of fields, from cutting-edge atomic physics experiments to medical imaging.

the High Field NV Magnetometer

The WAINMAG-ST consists of a fibre optic point magnetometer, of millimeter size to facilitate its integration, and a control unit.

The magnetic field measurement is performed by optical detection of the electron spin resonance of the nitrogen gap centre (NV) of the diamond.

The measurement is carried out by illuminating the diamond with a green laser, and collecting and analysing the photoluminescence of the diamond NV centres under microwave (MW) excitation.

The value of the magnetic field is obtained, which allows its value to be controlled at the sensor, for example by feedback on the current that generates the field.

On the other hand, the optical detection of the electron spin resonance allows the temperature of the sensor to be measured directly, thus rejecting thermal drift.



No limitation of the technology in terms of measurable field strength


Excellent compromise between high sensitivity and sensor size


Excellent stability due to rejection of thermal fluctuations

Easy integration

Easy integration due to the small size of the remote sensor

Wide measurement bandwidth

Magnetic field dynamics

Up to 100 mT in standard measurements (more on request)


< ppm/day


10 nT / √Hz


DC to 100 Hz

Sensor dimensions

Millimetric (customisable)

Distance between sensor and control unit

5 m (more on request)

Voltage / frequency (mains)

230V / 50Hz

Power consumption

< 20 W

Best performance

20°C +/- 5°C

Max. storage temperature

From -20°C to 55°C, humidity <65%

This equipment is intended
for the following
application fields

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