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WAINVAM-E develops a technology based on the quantum properties of NV centers of diamonds, to offer a wide range of products and services for academics and research.

WAINVAM-E brings its expertise in the design of NV magnetometers to research laboratories and experimental teaching of quantum physics. Whether it is to use our ultra-stable magnetometers in atomic physics experiments, to characterise magnetic traps on chips, or simply to design experiments to manipulate the NV center.

The NV center: a very stable multimodal sensor

NV centers are multimodal sensors, which can measure the magnetic field, but also the electric field, pressure or temperature.

This wide variety makes them a rich platform for experimental teaching of quantum physics, but can also be used to reject drifts in magnetic field measurements, for example to stabilise magnetic fields for atomic physics.

Optimised components for NV magnetometry

For our magnetometers, we develop optimised subsystems to handle the NV center.

We want to share our expertise by offering dedicated solutions to laboratories as well as universities and schools, to efficiently address diamond NV centers.

For example, we offer radiofrequency (RF) cards designed specifically for handling diamond NV centers, providing optimal functionality and high RF power at affordable prices.

Our products and services
for education and research


The WAINMAG-ST is an ultra-stable magnetometer for the control of strong magnetic fields.


The WAINVAM-MW-GEN01 is a radio frequency (RF) transmitter that generates microwaves between 2100 and 3500 MHz.

NV magnetometry PE kits

Quantum Physics Practical Work kit

WAINTEACH allows students to freely experiment topics covered in class, such as the Zeeman effect, hyperfine interaction or Rabi oscillations, by manipulating optical alignments or data processing.

3 axis Helmholtz coils

The Helmholtz coils developed by WAINVAM-E consist of 3 pairs of circular coils, which generate a magnetic field. They are the ideal instrument to performs physics experiments