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Measuring the antioxidant efficacy of your ingredients and products

Antioxidants, whether they are naturally present in a product or added during its manufacture, help to protect it against damage caused by time, UV rays, pollution, etc., and thus increase its lifespan.
Many methods are available on the market, including ORAC, FRAP, DPPH tests, which we offer to perform for you.

They are not always easy to implement and only quantify certain free radicals. In addition, various techniques are pH-dependent, making it difficult to take measurements.

In response to this, WAINVAM-E develops an innovative method WEVA-ND based on the use of nano-diamonds with NV centers (Nitrogen-Vacancy). Nano-diamonds are time-stable elements that allow an infinite kinetic measurement while ensuring an accurate, sensitive and quantitative antioxidant evaluation.

This technology will allow us to perform an antioxidant evaluation of your samples in many fields such as  in the food industry to monitor the oxidation of a vegetable oil.

Tests proposed


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