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WAINVAM-E’s offer
to the cosmetic industry

WAINVAM-E offers metrology solutions, using NV center diamonds, as markers.

These diamonds offer a wide technological and applicative potential in cosmetics

as markers

Nano-diamonds can be used to detect, identify and quantify molecular markers, such as bacteria, heavy metals, allergens, illegal or undeclared substances, etc., in order to carry out various controls along the production chain, from the ingredients to the finished products, and for health control.


This new generation of immunological tests is ultra-sensitive and allows the recognition of targets of interest.
We determine your needs together to customize your tests.


Measuring antioxidant efficacy

Antioxidants are used in cosmetics to ensure physico-chemical stability, thus avoiding visual alteration and texture of cosmetic products over time.

Antioxidants also help to protect cells against the damage caused by time, pollution and UV rays… Measuring antioxidant efficacy precisely, and over time is an effective tool for improving cosmetic products as a whole, as well as for proving “anti-wrinkle”, “anti-age”, “anti-UV” claims.

At WAINVAM-E, we offer to test your ingredients, your formules with the methods, ORAC, FRAP and DPPH.