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the WELFA-Reader

WELFA (WAINVAM-E Lateral Flow Assay) is a new generation of rapid and ultra-sensitive diagnostic test, which combines the principle of Lateral Flow Immuno Assay (LFIA) with the unique optical properties of NV center nanodiamonds.

At WAINVAM, we functionalize NV nanodiamonds with antibodies to use them as probes or fluorescent markers. When irradiated by a green laser, they emit red fluorescence and can then recognize molecules of interest in a targeted and selective manner.

The WELFA system consists of cassettes WELFA-C containing strips impregnated with functionalized nanodiamonds, specific to the targets of interest, and a reader, the WELFA-R.

WELFA-R modulates the magnetic field in order to reveal the fluorescence of the nanodiamonds, while eliminating the auto-fluorescence of the strip; the results obtained are both qualitative and quantitative, with a high degree of accuracy.

WELFA-R is connected to a computer for the initialization and the launching of the different analysis programs. WELFA-R communicates the results of the measurements to the computer for further processing.

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simple procedure and simplified reading of the results.


allows testing of small quantities of biological matrices


results in a few minutes


can detect very low levels of biomarkers


no bleaching or flickering


detection of the presence but also of the quantity of target molecules, if necessary


to a multiplex platform to detect multiple analytes


the fluorescent background of the support is eliminated

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The applications of


Feel free to contact us;  we will study with you the functionalization of nanodiamonds that will best meet your specific detection and measurement needs.

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