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Confocal NV microscope

The WAINVIEW Microscope is a confocal fluorescence microscope that allows the observation of the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds, but also the determination of their quantum state. It reliably, sensitively and kinetically measures changes in pH and magnetic field in a variety of samples, including oil, water and cell environments.

the Confocal NV microscope

The WAINVIEW microscope is equipped with a variable power green laser source that can be adapted to the application. A pulsing system required for quantum detection allows the generation of very fast and precise sequences of light pulses. The incident beam is then directed towards the sample using a galvanometric mirror to scan the samples. The fluorescence signal from the diamonds is then detected by a photon counter, which allows us to identify a low level of fluorescence in the pulse sequence.
Our WAINVIEW Software transforms the optical data into numerical data, relevant to each application, for easy reading of the results.



WAINVIEW Microscope stands out from other equipment for detecting magnetic species because it is :


Fast, thanks to optimised scanning speed and signal processing


Reliable, as NV fluorescent sensors are extremely photostable (and do not exhibit photobleaching)


by choosing the specific diamond model for the desired application.


it can detect very small amounts and variations of magnetic field


Easy to use, thanks to the software developed specifically for this application


As only one drop of sample is needed on the usual microscope supports (slides, multi-well plates, Petri dishes, …)

Laser illumination


Variable light power

from 1µW to 1mW

Warm-up time

1h for high accuracy and kinetic measurements

Laser pulse and detection frequency

up to 2MHz

Spatial resolution

500nm, diffraction limit


2D galvanometric mirror



Detection filter

> 650nm

Photon detection efficacy

65% at 650nm

Detector noise

1500 photons/second

Measurement time

1 to 10 min, depending on the desired sensitivity

Magnetic species detection limit

1nM to 1µM



Power supply

230V / 50Hz

Optimum temperature

22°C without interruption


-20°C to 55°C, humidity <65%.

Choice of camera and wide field illumination to view samples

2 x to 100 x objectives, air or immersion

Isothermal chamber

Motorised platform

High content screening platform

Anti-vibration table

WAINVIEW Microscope can be used to study a variety of samples in oil, water and cell media. It is therefore suitable for many detection and evaluation applications, such as :

Detection of fluorescent nano-diamond labels for biomedical research and diagnostics, as well as for anti-counterfeiting.

The detection of magnetic species, such as :
– Heavy metals in animal cells, for eco-toxicological studies
– Ferritin in animal and human cells for biomedical research and diagnostics

The detection of radical species in :
– Animal and human cells showing oxidative stress for eco-toxicological studies and bio-medical research
– Oils, lubricants and plastics showing oxidation

Evaluation of the efficacy of antioxidant molecules that neutralise radical species in an intra- or extra-cellular environment for agri-food  or pharmaceutical applications.

Detection of small temperature variations in a cellular environment for bio-medical research and diagnosis.

WAINVIEW Microscope works with the usual microscopy media (slides, multi-well plates, Petri dishes, …).
You prepare your samples with the kits and nano-diamond solutions chosen according to your applications.
The data are controlled and processed with our WAINVIEW Software

This equipment is intended
for the following
application fields

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information

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