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We specialise in metrology, turning excellent academic research into commercial solutions. We facilitate cross-disciplinary exchanges between scientists and industry professionals to propose to the markets highly sensitive magnetometry solutions and services. 

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PRESS RELEASE – 17th of October 2023



On Tuesday October 17th, 2023, the Lorient Commercial Court validated the takeover bid made by Breizh Rebond and SFLD (Société Financière Lorient Développement), bringing a new dynamic to the innovative, high-potential young company WAINVAM-E, based in Ploemeur (56). The company develops and commercializes metrology solutions using diamond-based quantum sensors. This technology has many applications, including non-destructive testing of metallic materials (wear, corrosion), a critical need in the energy, nuclear, aeronautical and naval sectors. Recognized as important for national sovereignty, this sensor technology also has promising applications in defense (navigation, detection), high-precision instrumentation and even biomedical diagnostics. Founded in 2020, the company entered into bankrupcy proceeding at the beginning of June. Today, it has emerged stronger financially (thanks to a cash injection of over two million euros) and operationally, by refocusing its business model while preserving its technological fundamentals.

An innovative company with high potential

In just four years, the company has acquired a unique position in the world by developing a range of high-tech devices: the sensors developed are based on quantum manipulation of a defect in the crystalline structure of diamond, and involve complex engineering of optical, mechanical, electronic and software systems. The company has filed a dozen patents, and has attracted interest from a wide range of industrial players, particularly in the aerospace, defense and energy sectors. The company began commercializing its products in July 2023, and today has a substantial order book. Backed by these strengths, KWAN-TEK offers significant and strategic development potential, recognized both nationally and internationally. The substantial financial contribution of the two buyers now gives the company the resources to prosper. However, the company does not rule out future fund-raising to accelerate its development.

Breizh Rebond’s expertise and investment to help you make a fresh start

In this buoyant context, Breizh Rebond intends to play complementary roles and contribute its business management experience to support the company’s new trajectory. The strategy will be deployed by a tightly-knit team of around 30 employees with first-rate know-how, organized around Remi Geiger, one of the founders of WAINVAM-E and CEO of the new company KWAN-TEK. On the agenda: technological refocusing, implementation of management measures and a change in corporate culture towards greater collaboration and a more results-oriented culture.

Xavier Lépine, President of Breizh Rebond : « Although investing in a technology company is atypical for Breizh Rebond, we were keen to defend this project, as it was unthinkable from our point of view not to support a company with such a technological lead, with potentially disruptive fields of application that could give their owners a real competitive edge. We believe that stumbling does not mean falling. That’s why, in conjunction with SFLD, we have decided to support the team in taking a new step forward and moving from a “laboratory” to an “entrepreneurial” mindset, essential to the success of this company, which will remain locally based. »

This ambition is accompanied by a change of name for this new departure: from now on, WAINVAM-E becomes KWAN-TEK.



Created at the beginning of 2021, Breizh Rebond’s mission is to support companies in Brittany, by providing them with high-level financing solutions enabling them to bounce back and turn a corner. Its DNA is based on a team of experienced professionals, former SME managers and investment professionals who provide operational support to management teams. Its financing partners include Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Région Bretagne, Bpifrance, Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest and Caisse d’Epargne Bretagne Pays de Loire.


SFLD (Société Financière Lorient Développement), founded in 1991, chaired by Hervé Cuvelier and managed by Bruno Le Jossec, is an equity investor in the Morbihan département. It was set up with funds from public bodies involving private companies, banks and individuals (notably AudéLor, BPGO, CA 56, CCI Morbihan). SFLD takes minority stakes in industrial or service sector SMEs for amounts ranging from €50 to €200 k. The portfolio currently comprises over 20 companies, with more than 130 transactions completed since the company was founded in 1990.

Press contact Virginie Seince – +33 (0)6 23 36 41 49 – [email protected]

Metrology is the engine
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WAINVAM-E commercialises metrology solutions capable of pushing the limits of perception. WAINVAM-E is specialised in the development of quantum sensors exploiting the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) coloured centers of diamonds coupled with mathematical modelling and inversion algorithms.

Our highly sensitive, accurate, reliable and stable measuring instruments represent a new generation of diagnostic and control tools, with a wide range of applications in many fields, from non-destructive testing for the energy, aeronautics and microelectronics fields, to diagnostic tools for medicine, pharmacology, cosmetics or agri-food.

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