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From science to life

WAINVAM-E bridges the gap between high-potential academic research and marketable technology solutions. This transformative process is made possible by facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration between scientists and connecting them with business-oriented professions (intellectual property, product development, market analysis, marketing, manufacturing and distribution, licensing, etc.).

The extremely diversified collaborative energy that results from this synergy fosters boundless creativity, which is further encouraged through the open exchange of seemingly discordant ideas: this interdependent creative flow is what fuels WAINVAM-E and makes us a new and upcoming key player in the industry.

For all people, for all time, for all scales

We believe that metrology drives modern technologies and global commercial exchanges. This is why WAINVAM-E will commercialize metrology solutions which extend our five senses beyond their normal capacity, with a focus on non-destructive imaging technologies in molecular biology and chemistry, microelectronics, and underground networks.

To develop nanoscale metrology, WAINVAM-E specializes in developing quantum sensors based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color diamond centers coupled with advanced mathematical inversion models and algorithms.


One of the historical (18th century), standard-meter (mètre-étalon) by Chalgrin located at 36, rue de Vaugirard in Paris.


For a sustainable and thriving world

By developing metrology solutions using highly sensitive measurement tools and innovative data inversion models, WAINVAM-E provides better diagnostics and control techniques for applications in microelectronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, biomedicals, etc.

As a result, the ability to take organized and effective action allows resources to be economized, so as to minimize the absolute rate of increase of entropy (e.g. disorder or waste). In biomedical diagnostics, this enables the localized treatment of cancers and infectious diseases qualified by specific physical properties. In the pursuit of these goals, we are developing new metrology tools.

WAINVAM-E strives to make positive progress in addressing real environmental and health issues and improving life on Earth.





Behind every pioneering company is an innovative entrepreneur who is not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible. Formerly the President of Thalos, Claude is an engineer by trade with expertise in large-scale industry management working for international companies such as Schlumberger, Sony and Thomson. Claude decided to found WAINVAM-E fueled by his business-focused vision and motivated by his desire to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration.



With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Michel has managed for 20 years international and multi-disciplinary R&D teams in telecoms and consumer electronics, at Nortel, Sony, Thomson, Sogeti, and Ingenico, in B2B and B2C. More recently, he has worked an R&D interim manager on the definition of innovative business models, and on their implementation in real products or services. He brings the business component in precise value propositions and well identified commercial channels to the global offer of WAINVAM-E.



Remi brings his passion for scientific progress and innovation to WAINVAM-E. With a PhD in Atomic Physics and as an expert in quantum sensing and metrology, he has worked for several years as an Associate Professor of Physics at Sorbonne University. His management and outreach skills gained from overseeing research and teaching will serve WAINVAM-E by fostering a spirit of collaboration between top academic institutions and industrial end-users.



With a PhD in Electrochemistry and a resume that includes roles such as Executive Vice President of Thomson/Technicolor in Patent Licensing, Jianguo possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in establishing the intellectual property strategy for value creation and aligning it with a company’s vision. His calm demeanor and keen observation skills make him a true asset in helping assess and maximize the value of commercialized scientific ideas.



Ali represents the rich academic and mathematical core of WAINVAM-E. With two PhDs in Physics and Applied Mathematics and as a former senior researcher at the well-known French National Research Center (CNRS), Ali’s vast knowledge and experience has made him an expert on inverse problems, Bayesian inference, data fusion in imaging systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence. His background ideally positions him to open bridges with academia in WAINVAM-E’s overall strategy.


creative freedom

At WAINVAM-E, we are strong and independent in our funding. Our experts in various scientific disciplines (physics, chemistry, molecular biology, applied mathematics, electrical and system engineering) are free to think and interact creatively without external pressure. Our extensive research and development efforts are a foundational part of our strategy and will not be compromised.

long term vision

Sustained by our financial stability, we work on long-term objectives targeted at making breakthrough advances in technology, particularly in the field of molecular biology with nanometric metrology tools to distinguish biological entities by well-defined physical properties and to control them. As a result, local treatments of diseases qualified at the cellular scale will become possible with nano-sensors and nano-actuators.

business spirit

We create a link between scientific vision and commercial ambition. Do you have ideas that hold breakthrough potential? WAINVAM-E is here to bring them to market thanks to our dedicated marketing experts. Our clients are an integral part of how we successfully commercialize innovative and cutting-edge solutions to be used in applications that nobody has ever imagined.

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