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We specialise in metrology, turning excellent academic research into commercial solutions. We facilitate cross-disciplinary exchanges between scientists and industry professionals to propose to the markets highly sensitive magnetometry solutions and services. 

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Metrology is the engine
of technological progress.

WAINVAM-E commercialises metrology solutions capable of pushing the limits of perception. WAINVAM-E is specialised in the development of quantum sensors exploiting the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) coloured centers of diamonds coupled with mathematical modelling and inversion algorithms.

Our highly sensitive, accurate, reliable and stable measuring instruments represent a new generation of diagnostic and control tools, with a wide range of applications in many fields, from non-destructive testing for the energy, aeronautics and microelectronics fields, to diagnostic tools for medicine, pharmacology, cosmetics or agri-food.

Our technology

The areas of application
are based on an ethical foundation

State-of-the-art equipment

High Field NV Magnetometer

WELFA Reader


Low Field NV Magnetometer

NV Relaxometer

NV confocal microscope

Wide Field NV Imager

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