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Oil & Gas

WAINVAM-E’s offer
to oil & gas

WAINVAM-E offers magnetometer sensor solutions to the oil and gas industry for corrosion control in wells as well as for all transportation (pipelines, ships), refining and storage (dams, reservoirs) infrastructures.

Corrosion is a significant problem in wells, as it can lead to significant human, environmental or economic damage.

Our techniques allow the effective detection of corrosion, located on successive layers (external or internal) of piping, as well as material losses on pipes.

More accurate detection increases the life of wells and infrastructure and provides greater safety margins. The economic and environmental impact is therefore very significant.

Beyond corrosion detection, our (relatively) low-cost, low-noise, highly accurate, and reliable magnetic sensors can also be used in other “mining” activities as well as in geothermal energy, for example, to detect the presence of resources, to help direct a drilling tool to a target reservoir, or to assist in the accurate positioning of wells relative to each other.

These capabilities can be extended to the nuclear industry.