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WAINVAM-E’s offer
to the agri-food sector

WAINVAM-E offers metrology solutions, using nano NV center diamonds as markers or sensors, which offer a wide technological and applicative potential to the agri-food industry.

Our products and services enable improved manufacturing processes, food products and health benefits.

as sensors

Nano-diamonds can be used to measure variations in magnetic fields, temperatures, pH, for quality control, and in particular, as we do at WAINVAM-E, to detect magnetic species, to test antioxidant efficacy or to monitor the oxidation of fats.

as markers

Nano-diamonds can be used to detect, identify and quantify molecular markers, such as pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, allergens, illegal or undeclared substances, etc., in order to carry out various controls along the production chain, from the ingredients to the finished products, and for health control.

Measuring antioxidant efficacy

Antioxidants, whether naturally present in a food product or added during the manufacturing process, help to protect food against thermo-oxidative degradation, make them healthier, prevent visual deterioration and therefore increase the shelf life of a product.

It is therefore important to measure the antioxidant efficacy of a food or a food supplement.

At WAINVAM-E, we offer tests that have the advantage of being reliable, fast, biocompatible, photo-stable, allowing real time or kinetic measurements, depending on your needs.

We do them for you, or we provide you with the equipment to do them yourself, or for your customers.

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We also offer to perform for you tests with classical methods such as ORAC, FRAP, DPPH, WEVA-ND to measure the antioxidant efficacy of your ingredients and your formulas


This new generation of immunological tests is ultra-sensitive and allows the recognition of targets of interest.
We determine your needs together to customize your tests.


Our products and services
for the agri-food

WAINVIEW Microscope

The NV Confocal microscope allows the observation of the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds, but also the determination of their quantum state.

WAINVIEW Relaxometer

A metrology device that measures the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds and thus determines their quantum state.

Antioxidant efficacy test

The antioxidant efficacy test allows to measure your molecules, your formulated products, with our advanced technology, as well as by the classical methods.