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WAINVAM-E’s offer
to microelectronics

The electronics industry now needs precise tools to characterise circuits and to detect potential defects efficiently.

Mass production of components, as well as strict environmental and energy efficiency regulations, have led to miniaturisation and compactness of components, higher energy yields, and increased density and flexibility of component design.

Within this very broad sector, power electronics is particularly interested in our sensors.

The added value of NV sensors in this field

Our NV centre sensors meet these needs by providing fast measurement of electrical currents flowing in the circuit by measuring induced magnetic fields.

Coupled with CCD cameras, our sensors can image these magnetic fields, with a spatial resolution of the order of 500 nanometers, as well as currents in a wide frequency range (DC to GHz).

These essential and differentiating elements give our sensors clear competitive advantages, contributing to significant improvements in the design phase, in the efficacy of tests used in the production phase, and in energy efficacy.

Our products and services

WAINIM-BF Wide Field NV Imager

WAINIM-BF is a microscope for quantitative mapping of the magnetic field produced by a millimeter-sized sample, with micrometer optical resolution.

Characterisation of microcircuits

Characterisation of microcircuits for quantum technologies (atom chips, quantum electrodynamics)

Non-destructive testing