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Characterisation of Diamonds

Quantum Diamond Scan

Quantum Diamond Scan

the service for quantum characterisation of diamonds

The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre is an atomic defect in the diamond lattice. It consists of a nearest-neighbour pair of a nitrogen atom, which substitutes for a carbon atom, and a lattice vacancy.

The NV centre possess unique quantum and optical properties, which allows numerous applications including magnetic field sensing.

Successful applications of NV diamonds require an accurate understanding of the properties of the NV centres, optical or quantum. As NV diamond users, at WAINVAM-E we have developed characterisation tools to determine the quantum quality of our diamonds.

Manufacturers, users of quantum diamonds … we put our skills and our equipment at your disposal, to characterise your NV centres diamonds, or diamonds containing other coloured centres.


We offer a fast response and analysis, with a dedicated measurement bench.


You can choose what kind of tests you want, among the proposed analyses, or directly get in touch with us to define the test program.

Quantum Diamond Scan
notably includes

The measurement of the longitudinal relaxation time T1 and the quantum coherence time T2* of the NV- electron spins, in bulk diamonds or in nano-diamonds.

A photoluminescence spectroscopy analysis, to analyse the coloured centres present in a diamond.

The measurement of maps to understand strain inhomogeneities can be studied on request.

to be provided

Quantity of sample(s) and/or number of diamond(s) to be analysed.

Doping of each diamond: by volume or by surface (for bulk diamonds).

Size/dimensions of each diamond

Reference of each diamond

List of analyses you wish to perform

Example of samples
that can be measured

Millimetre-sized NV diamonds, doped in volume or in specific regions

Nano-diamonds doped with NV, in powder or in solutions

Diamonds containing other coloured centres (spectroscopy only)

dedicated to

Laboratories, working with NV centres

NV diamond producers

NV diamond integrators

of the analysis

Longitudinal Relaxation Time (T1)

  • Single point measurement
  • 5 points measurement

Quantum Coherence Time (T2*)

  • Single point measurement
  • 5 points measurement

Spectral analysis

  • Single point measurement
  • 5 points measurement

The service
Quantum Diamond Scan
applies to several areas

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