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Characterisation of Diamonds

Quantum Diamond Scan

Quantum Diamond Scan

         the service for quantum characterisation of diamonds

Diamonds with NV (Nitrogen – Vacancy) centres are the core technology of our company. This atomic defect in the crystal structure of diamonds gives them special optical and quantum properties, which we exploit in our developments.

To know the quantum quality of the diamonds we use, we have developed a test bench, based on a confocal microscope with a laser at 520 nm. To characterise your diamonds, we put at your disposal, this characterisation tool, as well as our skills.


We offer a fast response and a detailed analysis, with a dedicated measurement bench.


You can choose what kind of tests you want, among the proposed analyses, or directly get in touch with us to define the test program.

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to be provided

  • Number of diamond(s) and/or quantity of sample(s) to be analysed.
  • For bulk diamonds: doping of each diamond (by volume or surface).
  • Size/dimensions of each diamond
  • Reference of each diamond
  • List of analyses you want

that can be measured

  • Millimetre-sized NV diamonds, doped in volume or in specific regions
  • NV nanodiamonds, in powder or in solutions
  • Diamonds with other coloured centres

We propose
the following analysis

Longitudinal Relaxation Time (T1)

of elecron spins of the NV centres

Quantum Coherence Time (T2*)

of the electron spins of the NV centres

Coherence time (T2echo)

of the electron spins of the NV centres

Rabi oscillations

coherent control of the NV spin state

Spectral analysis

by photoluminescence spectroscopy, to analyse the coloured centres in a diamond

On demand

Mapping of the strain and electric field parameter (E).

Typical photoluminescence emission map taken on a bulk diamond hosting a set of NV centres, having a density of 75 ppb. QDS offers a spatial resolution of the order of 450 nm and a range of 200×300 µm².

More details on the proposed measurements ...

This service is
dedicated to

Laboratories, working with NV centres diamonds

NV diamonds producers

NV diamonds integrators

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