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The operation of a NV magnetometer

Magnetometry refers to the general principle of measuring the magnetic field of a system in order to study or characterise certain properties.

The sensor with which magnetometry measurements are made is called a magnetometer.

At WAINVAM-E we develop magnetometers using the optical and quantum properties of the NV (Nitrogen – Vacancy) centers of diamonds.

Quantum sensing with NV centers

The operating mechanism of NV centers is based on the interaction of two trapped electrons with light. When these electrons are excited by a green laser, they emit fluorescence photons.

By exciting the electrons with both a laser and a microwave, the amount of fluorescence emitted will be decreased in a specific radio frequency at 2.87 GHz called zero field division.

In the presence of a magnet, the above radiofrequency splits into two frequencies whose difference is proportional to the value of the applied magnetic field. This effectis called the Zeeman effect and is the basic principle of magnetometry using NV centers.