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WAINVAM-E’s offer
to the biomedical sector

WAINVAM-E offers solutions for quantum metrology, using NV center nano-diamonds.

Nano-diamonds have unique properties for biomedical applications.

They allow to detect and measure very precisely and absolutely the magnetic field in cells. They can be used as detection and diagnostic tools, as probes in medical imaging, and as drug carriers.

We also offer to perform for you tests with classical methods such as ORAC, FRAP, DPPH to measure the antioxidant efficacy of your ingredients and your formulas
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They have no impact on surrounding cells

Small size

Their small size allows them to be introduced into cells and living organisms

Optical and quantum properties

Their optical and quantum properties reach the ultimate limit of detection of a single paramagnetic ion.

Nano-diamonds can be functionalised to identify and reach a particular target with precision.

To do this, they are coated with molecules that will recognise and bind to biomolecules of interest such as proteins, DNA, … which will allow the nano-diamond to be transformed into targeted and selective sensors.

This process allows, for example, the detection and identification of cancers or other pathological conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases.

By adding an active drug molecule to this coating, the nano-diamonds are then able to deliver drugs directly to target tissues and cells, increasing the effectiveness of the active molecule and reducing off-target toxicity.

Furthermore, if a biomolecule contains paramagnetic ions, then it can be detected, even with unique molecular sensitivity, by nano-diamonds.

For example, this technique is particularly interesting for studying magnetic proteins, which natively contain paramagnetic ions with particular functions, such as ferritin.

The plasma concentration of ferritin and the amount of iron contained in ferritin are important markers for many diseases such as anaemia, hypothyroidism and celiac disease.

Due to these advantages and their biocompatibility, nano-diamonds have great potential to be used as nano-sensors to study the structure of biomolecules and to monitor biological reactions, even within living organisms.

In the long term, current medical imaging based on magnetic resonance can be augmented by images that are not only more local but also much more precise, based on the fluorescence of nano-diamonds.

Moreover, thanks to their exceptional properties, nano-diamonds are excellent drug carriers for hydrophilic and hydrophobic actives.

Nano-diamonds therefore offer a very wide range of applications in acute and chronic disorders.

The combination of the above has given rise to a new branch of theranostics, supplementary to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and even immunotherapy, which could prove to be much more effective as it better differentiates between pathogenic and normal cells, theoretically at the level of the individual cell.

Our products and services
for the biomedical sector

WAINVIEW Microscope

The NV Confocal microscope allows the observation of the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds, but also the determination of their quantum state.

WAINVIEW Relaxometer

A metrology device that measures the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds and thus determines their quantum state.

Antioxidant efficacy test

The antioxidant efficacy test allows to measure your molecules, your formulated products, with our advanced technology, as well as by the classical methods.


This new generation of immunological tests is ultra-sensitive and allows the recognition of targets of interest.
We determine your needs together to customize your tests.


Our range of functionalised nano-diamonds

Customised functionalisation of nano-diamonds