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Plastics and lubricants

WAINVAM-E’s offer to
plastics and lubricants

A better knowledge of antioxidants, their concentration, their efficacy and their potential harmfulness is essential to adapt good manufacturing practices for everyday products, and thus anticipate economic, ecological and regulatory consequences.

Plastic antioxidants are used to prevent sudden changes in melt viscosity, discolouration and deterioration of mechanical properties that lead to a reduction in the overall strength of the material. Measuring the efficacy of antioxidants in plastics is a direct way to improve the physical performance of these plastics: durability, workability, strength…

Antioxidants for lubricants are high performance additives that provide excellent corrosion protection, reduce viscosity, remove contaminants and protect oil at high temperatures.

Measuring the efficacy of antioxidants in lubricants is one way to increase their life span by increasing their resistance to oxidation.

The technology developed by WAINVAM-E provides a more direct way to measure the efficacy of antioxidants than what is currently available.

Our instruments provide a general and reliable answer, which can be used as a reference, a standard, by the industry, while contributing to clearly answering the questions of the consumers.

We also offer to perform for you tests with classical methods such as ORAC, FRAP, DPPH, WEVA-ND to measure the antioxidant efficacy of your ingredients and your formulas

Our products and services
to plastics and lubricants

WAINVIEW Microscope

The NV Confocal microscope allows the observation of the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds, but also the determination of their quantum state.

WAINVIEW Relaxometer

A metrology device that measures the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds and thus determines their quantum state.

Antioxidant efficacy test

The antioxidant efficacy test allows to measure your molecules, your formulated products, with our advanced technology, as well as by the classical methods.