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Quantum physics practical work kit — Available from January 2023


WAINTEACH offers equipment for practical work in quantum physics, aimed at Master 1 and Master 2 students.

The system studied is the NV centre of diamonds, which makes it easy to implement, without the need for ultra-stable lasers, ultra-high vacuum, or cryogenics.

With this kit, students can freely experiment topics covered in class, such as the Zeeman effect, hyperfine interaction or Rabi oscillations, by manipulating optical alignments or data processing.

Proposed scenarios

Basic module

Optical detection of magnetic resonance

Zeeman effect

Hyperfine interaction

Pulsed Module (in addition to the basic module)

Longitudinal relaxation time T1

Rabi oscillations

Ramsey fringes

product applies to
several areas

Details of these measurements can be found in our scientific database

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