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WAINVAM-E’s offer
to the space sector

WAINVAM-E offers magnetometer sensor solutions to the space industry, mainly for non-destructive testing of satellite and spacecraft structures.

NV center diamonds, which our products are based on, offer our sensors many advantages such as high sensitivity, small size, low power consumption, ease of use, as well as good radiation resistance.

All of these features make them ideal for measuring scientific experiments in weightlessness, whether in physics, materials science or biology.

We can also consider quality control of complex metal parts for additive manufacturing with our sensors.

The development of new detectors with sensitivities that are limited only by quanta will allow new physical mechanisms to be explored and experiments to be carried out that are currently prohibitive or impossible in the field.

The use of improved sensors can extend our knowledge of the Universe around us, providing answers to important questions that currently have no answers.