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When WAINVAM-E came to life

WAINVAM-E was created in April 2020 one year after Claude Barraud and Remi Geiger first met. Since the summer of 2020, WAINVAN-E has been based in Ploemeur in the west region of France, where the offices of the administrative, IT, marketing and sales teams rub shoulders with the optics, electronics and biology laboratories and the R&D research engineers.


WAINVAM-E facilitates transdisciplinary exchanges between scientists and puts its researchers in contact with industry-oriented professionals. Everyone thinks, exchanges and gives free rein to their creativity, and thus contribute to the bridge we are building between science and industry.



Our research and development work are central to our strategy, and our commercial development is vital to the future of our research and the achievement of our missions. In order to achieve our goals and to customise our offerings, the inclusion of our customers in the development process is essential.


WAINVAM-E is initially financed by its founders, and offers all of its employees the possibility to be co-owners of the company.
The Banque Populaire Grand Ouest (BPGO), a few private Business Angels, support us, as well as BPI France which has shown its confidence in our projects, by granting us a French Tech Emergence grant in 2020, then by naming us laureate of the i-Lab 2021 competition, and by granting us a DEEPTECH development aid.

Our technology

We focus our activities around 2 distinct technology lines, based on the same quantum properties of NV center diamonds

« micro » diamonds

The first technology line is based on “micro” diamonds (their size is in the order of a mm) whose aim is to offer a range of products including magnetometers and magnetic field imagers for non-destructive testing (NDT), navigation and medical imaging applications (magnetoencephalography, magneto cardiography…)

« nano » diamonds

The second one is based on “nano” diamonds (their size varies between 5 and 100 nm) which can be used as magnetic field sensors or markers.

Nano-diamonds used as a sensor can target a specific area, measure a magnetic field and deduce the concentration of magnetic species. Nano-diamonds used as markers, make it possible to target a molecule and detect its presence, qualitatively or quantitatively.

This range of products includes nano-diamonds, relaxometers, confocal microscopes, new and more efficient tests (among others, for the early and more precise detection of infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, etc.), and new treatments in fields such as cosmetics, toxicology and biomedical industries.

Ah ! Oui, de très grands vents sur toutes faces de vivants !
Saint John Perse

A multidisciplinary team of


persons. The future of the company is being built every day by people with different backgrounds, cultures and experience.

Our long-term vision

In all of these disciplinary fields that we are targeting, the ability to precisely characterise a phenomenon makes it possible to set up an effective action plan and to use resources in a reasoned manner.

for a prosperous and sustainable world!

In all of these disciplinary fields that we are targeting, the ability to precisely characterise a phenomenon makes it possible to set up an effective action plan and to use resources in a reasoned manner.

Our innovations are aimed, for example, at the possibility of precise and early detection of cellular  dysfunctions thanks to the identification of specific physico-chemical properties, in order to provide a valuable aid to diagnosis and local treatment.

Our long-term mission is to achieve revolutionary technological advances, particularly in the field of molecular biology, where nano-metrology tools will make it possible to distinguish and control biological entities on the basis of their physicochemical properties. Nano-sensors and nano-actuators could thus be used to locally treat diseases characterised at the cellular level.

WAINVAM-E will offer services and products that will be ethically based and will fulfil positive functions of progress towards human life and environmental preservation.

The founders


Behind every pioneering company is an innovative entrepreneur who knows how to push the limits of what is possible. Claude, an engineer by training, has developed an expertise in large-scale industrial management. He has worked for major international groups such as Schlumberger, Sony and Thomson, before becoming President of Thalos, until 2019. His wish to promote transdisciplinary exchanges, to build a bridge between academic research and the industrial world, is the creative source of the foundation of WAINVAM-E.


Research and development are orchestrated by Remi, who puts his passion for scientific progress and innovation at the service of WAINVAM-E. He has a Ph.D. in atomic physics and is an expert in quantum sensors and metrology. He has worked for several years as a lecturer at Sorbonne University. His experience in research management, his pedagogical skills and his multidisciplinary team of research engineers, allow to link research and users’ needs, by implementing the spirit of collaboration that is so dear to WAINVAM-E.

Michel FERET

Opening up to the industrial world requires precise value propositions and clearly identified commercial channels. Michel, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and his team, bring this knowledge to WAINVAM-E. He has travelled around the world for 20 years, managing multi-disciplinary R&D teams in telecoms and consumer electronics, in B2B and B2C, from Sony, to Ingenico, to Thomson and Sogeti. More recently, he was an interim manager in various companies, in R&D management, for the definition of high-tech commercial offers and innovative business models in coherent roadmaps.

Jianguo ZHANG

The protection of intellectual property is essential for an innovative company. Jianguo, has valuable knowledge and experience on IP strategies to create value in line with the corporate vision. He is a doctor of electrochemistry and former Senior Vice President of Patents and Licensing at Technicolor (Thomson). His calm and observational skills make him a real asset in assessing and maximising the value of inventions and innovations.