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We offer you state-of-the-art
quantum technology equipment

NV Confocal microscope

WAINVIEW Microscope is a confocal fluorescence microscope that allows the observation of the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds, but also the determination of their quantum state…

Magnetic field stabiliser

WAINMAG-ST is an ultra-stable magnetometer that allows to stabilize intense magnetic fields…

NV Relaxometer

WAINVIEW Relaxometer is a metrology device for measuring the fluorescence of the NV centres of diamonds and thus determining their quantum state…

3-axis Magnetometer

WAINMAG-3A is a highly sensitive, vector and compact magnetometer. It can measure both static and rapidly oscillating magnetic fields, making it an ideal candidate for non-destructive testing of metal parts.

Wide Field NV Imager

WAINIM-BF is a microscope for quantitative mapping of the magnetic field produced by a millimeter-sized sample, with micrometre optical resolution.

Electronic boards

WAINVAM-E offers a microwave generator for applications in quantum sensing with NV centers…