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We offer you state-of-the-art
quantum technology equipment

WELFA-R reader

WELFA-R is a WELFA cassette player, which is connected to a computer for initializing and then launching the various WELFA analysis programs. It communicates the results to a PC, for later use.

NV Confocal Microscope

WAINVIEW Microscope is a confocal fluorescence microscope that allows the observation of the fluorescence of the NV centers of diamonds, but also the determination of their quantum state…

Quantum Physics Practical Work kit

WAINTEACH allows students to freely experiment topics covered in class, such as the Zeeman effect, hyperfine interaction or Rabi oscillations, by manipulating optical alignments or data processing.

High Field NV Magnetometer

WAINMAG-ST is an ultra-stable magnetometer that allows to stabilize intense magnetic fields…

Wide Field NV Imager

WAINIM-BF is a microscope for quantitative mapping of the magnetic field produced by a millimeter-sized sample, with micrometre optical resolution.

Low Field NV Magnetometer

WAINMAG-LF is a highly sensitive, vector and compact magnetometer. It can measure both static and rapidly oscillating magnetic fields, making it an ideal candidate for non-destructive testing of metal parts.

NV Relaxometer

WAINVIEW Relaxometer is a metrology device for measuring the fluorescence of the NV centres of diamonds and thus determining their quantum state…

Electronic Cards

WAINVAM-E offers a microwave generator for applications in quantum sensing with NV centers…

3 axis Helmholtz coils

The Helmholtz coils developed by WAINVAM-E consist of 3 pairs of circular coils, which generate a magnetic field. They are the ideal instrument to performs physics experiments.