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Ministerial visit at WAINVAM-E

Ministerial visit at WAINVAM-E


WAINVAM-E had the honour to receive Mrs. Sylvie RETAILLEAU, Minister of Higher Education and Research, accompanied by Lysiane METAYER, Deputy of Morbihan, Pascal BOLOT, Prefect of Morbihan, Emmanuel ETHIS, Rector of the Academic Region of Brittany, Fabrice LOHER, Mayor of Lorient, President of Lorient Agglomeration and Ronan LOAS, Mayor of Ploemeur, Vice-President of the Departmental Council of Morbihan.

The Minister, who is also a physicist, seemed very interested in the demonstrations of our first magnetometer, the WAINMAG-ST, and our Lateral Flow test system, WELFA. In the context of higher education, WAINVAM is also involved in the transmission of knowledge with WAINTEACH, the practical work in quantum physics which is aimed at Master’s and BTEC Higher National Diploma students.

We presented how we use the quantum and optical properties of the NV (Nitrogen-Vacancy) centres diamonds to develop products and services. At WAINVAM-E the NV diamonds become magnetic fields sensors, allowing ultra-sensitive detection of corrosion, cracks, for many industries, and fluorescent probes to target analytes for biomedical applications.

We would like to thank the Minister and all those present for the time they devoted to us and the interest shown in our company.