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WAINVAM-E’s offer
to the defence sector

WAINVAM-E offers magnetometer sensor solutions to the Defence sector for non-destructive testing of aircraft structures (wings, fuselages, fuel tanks), for navigation as well as for the study and qualification of materials and paints for stealth.

The benefits of NV center-based sensors for defence

NV center sensors are excellent candidates for this sector, thanks to their sensitivity and vectorial measurement.

They also have other undeniable advantages in the field of navigation, such as their very good stability, small size, high bandwidth and wide measuring range.


In defence, navigation systems are used in aircraft, submarines, ships and tanks. Many methods have been explored with different limitations.

For several years, the defence sector has wanted to develop a navigation system independent of a satellite system because of its limitations (in urban, underground, underwater environments, etc.) and its vulnerability to piracy or partial or complete blockage.

Magnetic navigation, which consists of locating oneself by comparing data from a magnetometer with a map of known spatial variations in the Earth’s magnetic field (of the order of a hundred nanoTelsa), is a promising alternative.

It is also possible to extend this application to the detection of submarines, shipwrecks or even resource deposits (geophysics), as these elements disturb the Earth’s magnetic field and become detectable by fine magnetometry (submicroTesla).

Stealth materials

Our magnetometers can also be used in the study, characterisation and control of stealth coating materials for aircraft, UAVs or missiles, in the design or operational phases.

Their extreme sensitivity allows the validation of the particular magnetic properties of these materials, as well as the verification of their integrity.