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Measure the antioxidant efficacy of your ingredients, your products
with an WEVA-ND test

What we offer at WAINVAM-E is to measure the antioxidant efficacy of your molecules, of your finished products, thanks to our advanced technology, based on the quantum properties of the NV centers of diamond.


Thanks to the quantum technology of the NV centers of diamonds.


Measurements are related to the quantum and structural properties of diamonds


Accurate and sensitive measurement of free radical concentration


Over several hours or even days: fluorescent sensors with NV centers are photostable and do not show photobleaching


A drop of sample is enough on the usual microscope supports (slides, multi-well plates, Petri dishes…)

The antioxidant efficacy measurement by WAINVAM-E is different from other measurements based on detection of coloured or fluorescent species, it can be applied to different fields

Measuring the antioxidant efficacy of an ingredient, a processed food, a food supplement, allows to ensure its shelf life, to improve its nutritional qualities, and to avoid the alteration of its taste, its texture and its visual aspect.

Measuring the antioxidant efficacy of an additive ensures that the final product will keep its properties (texture, visual aspect, mechanical resistance…) in spite of external aggressions (temperature, UV, air oxidation…).

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to be provided
for the analysis

  • Your sample
  • The following information for each sample:
    – Their chemical nature
    – Their form: solid or liquid
    – Their solubility in water or oil
    – Their concentration

We specify together the objectives, the protocols and the deadlines according to your needs, the number and the type of samples.

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Our technology allows us to accurately measure the average concentration of free radicals in real time and kinetically. The results obtained are as follows:

  • The free radical concentration is compared before the use of antioxidants and after the addition of different samples (Figure 1)
  • The concentration of free radicals is measured over time to visualise the kinetic reaction

The measurement is carried out
in several steps

Antioxidant molecules neutralise free radicals, which are molecules with a free electron and thus generate magnetic noise.

The magnetic species detection methods developed by WAINVAM-E make it possible to measure the concentration of these free radicals and to deduce the antioxidant efficacy.

The fluorescence parameters of the diamonds are measured in the free radical solution. The free radical solution is standard or chosen with you for your applications.

The antioxidant sample is added and a second fluorescence measurement is performed.

The difference between these two measurements is related to the free radical concentration. By studying the evolution of this concentration, we can deduce the efficacy parameters of the antioxidant molecules

Equipments used

Antioxidant efficacy measurement services are performed using WAINVIEW equipment:

WAINVIEW Microscope WAINVIEW Relaxometer

Consumables used

We use nano-diamonds in solution to perform our tests.
We also offer a range of functionalised nano-diamonds and can expand this range as required.

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