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Measure the antioxidant efficacy of your ingredients, your products
with a FRAP test

The FRAP (Ferric Reducing Ability of Plasma) test is used to determine the reducing ability of compounds. It measures the capacity of an antioxidant to reduce ferric iron into ferrous cations. At WAINVAM-E, we offer to perform the FRAP test for you to quantify the power of your antioxidants.

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The FRAP assay is a colorimetric electron transfer method for measuring the ability of an antioxidant to reduce the colorless ferric-tripyridyltriazine complex (Fe3+-TPTZ) to the blue ferrous tripyridyltriazine cation ([Fe(II)(TPTZ)2]2+), which absorbs in the UV spectrum at 593 nm. 
Point measurement in triplicate.

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  • Sample to analyze :
    – For liquids : 1-5 ml
    – For solids : 5-10 mg
  • Following information for each sample :
    – Chemical nature: all chemical natures except radioactive elements.
    – Form : solid (granular, powdery, etc …) liquid.
    – Solubility : soluble or insoluble in the experimental conditions (culture medium).
    – Concentration
    – Shipping conditions: depending on the type of molecule and the packaging recommended to maintain its stability.


The absorbance value obtained by spectrophotometry is proportional to the antioxidant capacity of the molecule to be tested.


Preparation of the ferric iron solution

Addition of the antioxidant molecules to be tested, in 96 well plates, in the presence of the ferric iron solution. The whole is incubated for 30 minutes at 37°C.

The samples are read in a spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 593nm.

The FRAP test applies
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