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Measure the antioxidant efficacy of your ingredients, your products
with a DPPH test

The DPPH (2.2-diphenyl 1-pycrilhydrazyl) test measures the efficacy of antioxidant molecules. It measures the capacity of an antioxidant to reduce the chemical radical DPPH°.
At WAINVAM-E, we propose to carry out for you, the DPPH test to quantify the power of your antioxidants, to measure the antioxidant efficacy of yours ingredients (fruits, vegetables, spices, sounds of cereals…) or formulas.





Service description

The DPPH test is a colorimetric method based on the reduction of the DPPH°(2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) radical. An antioxidant will have the ability to cede hydrogen or a singlet electron to the synthetic violet-colored DPPH° radical which absorbs at 515nm to transform it into a more stable, yellowish-colored form.



to provide

  • Sample to analyze :
    – For liquids : 1-5 ml
    – For solids : 5-10 mg
  • Following information for each sample :
    – Chemical nature: all chemical natures except radioactive elements.
    – Form : solid (granular, powdery, etc …) liquid.
    – Solubility : soluble or insoluble in the experimental conditions (culture medium).
    – Concentration
    – Shipping conditions: depending on the type of molecule and the packaging recommended to maintain its stability.


For each experiment, a curve is drawn to represent the evolution of residual DPPH° as a function of the sample concentration to be analyzed. By measuring the decrease in violet coloration as the sample concentration increases, we can determine the median inhibitory concentration or IC50, the concentration at which 50% of the coloration is lost. The lower the IC50 value, the more effective the antioxidant.


Preparation of the DPPH° solution

DPPH is deposited in a 96 well plate and then the antioxidant molecule(s) is/are added at different concentrations.

The samples are read with a spectrophotometer at 515 nm, regularly over a given time.

The DPPH test applies
to several areas


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