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WAINVAM-E’s offer
to aeronautics

WAINVAM-E offers magnetometer sensor solutions to the aeronautic sector for non-destructive testing of aircraft structures (wings, fuselages, fuel tanks), as well as for navigation.

Quality control for additive manufacturing (3D printing) of complex metal parts is also an outlet for WAINVAM-E magnetometers.

Hard-to-reach places

Their small size, allows the exploration of places that are difficult or even impossible to access at present, thus avoids the complete dismantling of the aircraft.


Their precision, for a more accurate detection, allowing a better evaluation of the criticality of a crack or a corrosion spot.


Their resistance to extreme temperature, pressure and radiation conditions is an undeniable asset, for multiple uses.

Corrosion and microcrack detection

Corrosion and cracks are major problems in the aeronautic industry, as they compromise the integrity and durability of the aircraft.

Current testing methods are time consuming and costly, mainly due to the time the aircraft is on the ground.


In the aeronautical industry, navigation systems are used in aircraft (civil and military). Numerous methods have been explored and have different limitations.

Developing a navigation system independent of satellite guidance, as WAINVAM-E thrives to do, avoids the vulnerability of this system to hacking or partial or complete blocking, for greater independence and security.