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WELFA test kits

(WAINVAM-E Lateral Flow Assay)

the WELFA test kits

WELFA is a new generation of ultrasensitive rapid diagnostic test that combines the principle of lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) with the unique optical properties of NV nano-diamonds.
WAINVAM-E functionalises NV nano-diamonds by attaching antibodies directed to a biomolecule of interest. As the nano-diamonds emit red fluorescence when irradiated with a green laser, they are then transformed into a fluorescent probe or marker capable of recognising molecules of interest in a targeted and selective manner.

Detection and measurement

The kit allows the rapid detection and measurement of biomarkers of inflammation, cancer, infection etc. for early diagnosis and better patient management.

Detection and identification

It detects and identifies toxins, allergens, pesticides, pathogens, illegal ingredients and for Quality Control along the production line.


The determination of biomarker groups in R&D is in its pre-clinical and clinical studies.

  • Functionalised nano-diamonds in solution
  • Tape, containing a functionalised strip

The WELFA detection device developed by WAINVAM-E modulates the intensity of the fluorescence emission of the nano-diamonds. This allows the signal emitted by the nano-diamonds to be separated from the fluorescence background and therefore allows very low levels of biomarkers to be specifically detected.

WAINVAM-E proposes to develop your own WELFA Kits according to your target:
  • The analytes to be detected, their quantification
  • The matrices to be analysed (blood, urine, saliva, media …)
  • The expected measurements and performances

This kit is intended
for the following
application fields:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information

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