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At WAINVAM-E, we have embarked on an exciting adventure aimed at technological and scientific progress. We are looking to add more innovative and forward-thinking individuals to our team who share our core values of Inclusiveness, Creativity, Safety, Diversity, Environmental & Social Responsibility, and Challenge.

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Job offer (full time, permanent contract) : Research Engineer in Magnetometry based on Nitrogen Vacancy centers in diamonds, H/F

About us:

WAINVAM-E bridges the gap between high-potential  academic research and usable technology solutions. This transformation process is made possible by facilitating crossdisciplinary collaboration between scientists, and then connecting them with businessoriented professions. WAINVAM-E develops metrology and non-destructive testing solutions based on the use of magnetometers exploiting the manipulation of the electron spin of the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond.

Mission and responsibilities:

The research engineer will:
• Extend proof-of-principle experiments performed by our academic partners (including interaction with such partners);
• Identify the parts of the system which can be optimized, depending on the application (including interaction with industrial end-users);
• Interact with the data scientists and applied mathematicians of WAINVAM-E to develop appropriate models improving the performances of the sensors;
• Lead the system engineering through an interaction with development engineers (electrical, optical, mechanical, etc.);
• Foster positive exchange in the overall research and development activities of WAINVAM-E (strengthen academic collaborations, participate to international conferences, write publications and patents).

Required profile:

Qualification: PhD in experimental quantum sensing with NV centers. Further experience as a postdoc (in academia or in industry) is a plus;
Ability to understand complex problems and propose innovative solutions;
Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team, to write clear reports and to explain your work in accessible terms; Initiative, curiosity, creativity and dynamism;
Fluent English (writing reports, projects, presentations, organizing meetings, …)


Full-time, permanent, contract (CDI, under French law).
Location: Ploemeur (56), Brittany, France.
Benefits: WAINVAM-E offers competitive salaries based on experience to encourage motivated and creative people to contribute to its success. As an employee, you have the opportunity to become a shareholder of the company.
Desired start date: as soon as possible from February 1st, 2021.

Send your CV with a description of your accomplishments and name of referees to: [email protected]

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