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BPI France’s Deeptech innovation grant awarded to WAINVAM-E

BPI France supports WAINVAM-E for the second time this year: after the I-Lab contest in July for the MAGDAL-NDT project, WAINVAM-E receives a Deeptech innovation grant of 1.3M€, for the project EVADIA-FND. This project aims at the development and commercialization of nanodiamond sensors for the improvement of biomedical diagnostics, in line with the company’s long-term objective to market metrology solutions for cellular biology.

In order to efficiently prevent and cure different pathologies, it is necessary to propose, precise, unambiguous, rapid, easy-to-use and non-invasive diagnostics, adapted to biological constraints. This objective requires the development of sensors that are increasingly sensitive and capable of operating in different biological environments, to discriminate symptoms by their specific physical and chemical properties.

There are many applications for this project, all with high added value, and in various fields such as cosmetics, agri-food, cellular biology, ecotoxicology, drug design, medecine …

The Deeptech innovation grant finances, in the form of a subsidy and a repayable advance, part of the expenses related to the R&D phases of this disruptive project, before the industrial and commercial phases. It is also a quality label unanimously recognized by European investors.